Interior Design Project Management

Interior Architecture & Design Project Management

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How Fine Line Design and Our Online 

Design Process Works:

1.  An Initial Design Consultation

Fine Line Design schedules a visit to our client’s residence or office to evaluate and discuss your vision. We ask questions that pertain to the client’s lifestyle and functional needs. And we can't forget your personal needs. Typically we are able to determine a  

                                                                                budget range on site.

A follow up onsite visit may be made to take pictures, measurements and discuss any follow information that may be needed to complete the design project.

2. The Preliminary Interior Design Presentation

Once we our ready to present our preliminary design ideas we will schedule an onsite visit. We are able to send the material to you via email as a secondary option. Oftentimes, the preliminary presentation becomes the final presentation as our clients are usually in agreement with the design.

Color renderings along with creative detailed drawings are available with many design plans. This assures our clients ability to visualize the complete design. The selected fabrics, furniture, lighting, flooring and even accessories will be on hand so the client is able to grasp the completed design vision. Your selected design package will reflect your personal choices and options.

3.   Ordering Process

Once you have approved the interior design plan we provide you with the ordering information to complete the purchase. Purchases are able to make made either online or at retail locations. We also offer ordering custom products directly through our site.  

4. Delivery and Final Installation

Once the items have been delivered, we provide you with an accessory website. This will allow you to choose accessories that best fit to scale and your design preference. Using our online purchasing service on average can save $10,000 per room! It doesn't get any easier than that!

5. Implementing Detailed finished projects requires Interior Architectural and Interior

           Design Project Management  

Our specialty is overseeing your project from "Conception to Completion".  We don't stop until you are completely satisfied with your new space.  We work with your contractor (or ours), co-ordinate all craftsmen and installations.  We process all products.  Fees vary depending on complexity of the management needed.  The Designer is the key element in assuring that your "Designed Space" finishes exactly the way you visioned it.  Please use the "Contact Us" page if you have further questions or would like more information.

6. It is in the details that set us apart from the rest!

We work with blueprints.

We use Auto Cad.

We do new construction and remodels.

We do one room or the entire house.

We work with your budget and time frame.

Our Interior Design Project Management services are available in Coastal 

California, Orange County, San Diego County

Create custom furniture, couches, chairs, sofas