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Bathroom Design Packages

BATHROOM   "Copper Design Package":/ $695.

Just the basics to get you started with your project.  

By investing in an  N.K.B.A. Certified Bathroom Designer you are assured of the highest quality professionals available in the Kitchen & Bath Industry. .  

Now you can compare Apples to Apples with various contractors Bids.

     Optional design services can be added from our Ala Carte Design Menu to customize your Design Services.

Included in your Custom Bathroom "Copper Design Package"

  •  Scaled CAD Floor Plan/ Cabinet and Fixture Layout
  •  Perspective Elevations of each wall
  •  Perspective CAD Drawings of your room (2)
  •  Cabinet, Counter top, Bath/Shower Wall Specifications  
  •  Appliance and Plumbing General Specifications 
  •  A Shopping Guide for all Specified Items
  •  Any Ala Carte Design Service can be added as an extra


BATHROOM     "Silver Design Package": / $795.

    Complete make over for the Bathroom

Included in your Custom Bathroom "Silver Design Package":

  • Scaled CAD Floor Plan Design / Cabinet and Fixture Layout
  • Elevations of Each Wall
  • Perspective CAD Drawings of your Room (4)
  • A Written Explanation of Your Design
  • Cabinet and Countertop Specifications 
  • Fixture General  Specifications
  • Lighting Recommendations 
  • A Personalized Project Digital PDF Design Board Containing 
  •                    Cabinet Door Style

  •                    Countertop Product       
  •                    Flooring Recommendations
  •                    Lighting Product Pictures 
  • A   Shopping Guide for all Specified Items

  • *Phone Design Consultation Ala Cart Design:/ $65.  (30 Minutes)
  • **In-Home Design Consultation Ala Cart Design/ $125. (per hour)
  •  Any Ala Carte Design Service can be added as an extra

 BATHROOM  "Gold Design Package":/ $895.

   Our "Room Gold Package" is created for our clients wanting a higher end look and access to all product pricing.  Your Plan is a complete design package with color and material on Digital  PDF Design boards, Floor plan, Elevations, Perspective Rendering, Personalized shopping guide for each product specified on your floor plan.  

Included in your Custom Bathroom "Gold Design Package":

  •   Scaled CAD Floor Plan / Cabinet and Fixture Layout
  •   Elevations of each wall
  •   Perspective CAD Drawings   (6)
  •   A Written Explanation of Your Design  
  •   Cabinet and Counter top Specifications 
  •   Fixture General Specifications
  •   Lighting Design CAD Floorplan Recommendations   
  •   Paint Color Recommendations
  •  A Personalized Project Digital PDF Design Board 
  •          Cabinet Door Style
  •          Countertop Product
  •          Custom Items
  •          Flooring, and or Wall Recommendations
  •          Lighting Product Pictures
  •   Custom Shopping Guide for all items specified
  •   *Phone Design Consultation/  Ala Cart Design/ $65. (30 Minutes)
  •   **In-Home Design Consultation/ Ala Cart Design/ $125. (per hour)   
  •    Any Ala Carte Design Service can be added as an extra