A new trend in decorating Interview

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 8:50 PM


A new trend in decorating

Holly G Bevan of Fine Line Design are known for creating spaces that reflect a warm and trend setting style infused with current lifestyles and a splash of sparkle. Here are her thoughts on virtual design services.

SheKnows: What type of services do you offer your online clients?

Fine Line Design: We offer our clients three different levels of service:

1. Online Design Package I — This is the highest and most thorough level of service that we provide. Based on client input concerning color palette, lifestyle needs and budget, we design a room using 3-D color rendering of the room. A design board of textiles, wall art and DIY suggestions to personalize the room. The final product includes the style board (a JPEG of the items chosen for the room), a list of sources and a detailed design plan so the client has a "how-to" guide.

2. Phone Consultation — This service is for the client who has the basics in place but would like an updated feel to their room. We work with the client to decide which four things should be switched up and then with their input on color palette and style, we create an inspiration board (including source list) with the four items that will transform their space.

3. In-Home Design Consultation — This service is for the client who wishes someone could pop in for an hour and simply give them great ideas for their space. The client emails us a few photos of their room and within three days we email them in return with a written description of how to arrange their furniture, ways to incorporate color and pattern and suggestions on accessorizing the space with decorative items and wall art.


Fine Line Design: There are many benefits to hiring a designer remotely. First and foremost, it means that everything can be done on your own time, and it does not require someone coming in and out of your home. Once you have the design plan, you can take some time to process the ideas and implement them yourself. With more and more people enjoying DIY projects, it also offers you the chance to recreate high-end looks for much less. Unlike in the past, online design affords you the opportunity to easily identify a designer who represents your design aesthetic. Bottom line, an off-site designer can save you time and money. Especially if you are simply looking for a few design elements to give your space a distinct style.

SheKnows: Any tips for our readers that are considering working with a designer virtually?

Fine Line Design: Before hiring an online designer, it is important to spend time researching pictures of rooms, items and color palettes that you really love. The more direction the designer has, the easier the process will be and the happier you will be with the final design for the room. Communication skills are also essential; you must be able to verbalize your likes and dislikes. Good candidates for the virtual design process should also have the confidence to implement the design plan and be willing to let go and trust the process.




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