3D COLOR CAD Design Services

 Most people have a difficult time understanding and visualizing their idea with 2 dimensional designs. That is why Fine Line Design has dedicated themselves for 22 years in using state-of-the-art architectural Computer Technology. This allows us to computer design a 3-dimensional, digital model of your home during the planning stages. We want to assure our client of the direction, look and feel before anything is built. After discussion and collaboration with you, we define the color and texture of cabinets, fabric on furniture, lighting, flooring, wall accessories, window coverings, etc.  YOU are on you way to a finished professional room completion. 

With a 3D rendering of your room redesign you can see everything the way it will look, and then we can make changes accordingly. See if the bedroom door will be far enough away from the bathroom. Or perhaps you would like to compare the look of your living room with a portrait window or a garden window. Changing your mind is only a click away!

You don’t end up with unwanted design work which saves you money and time. Get the job done right from the start. 

     Any "Design Package" can have an added 3-D CAD Color Rendering.

Color renderings give you a complete visual of your new room design./$325. per room.